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Uplift a Fempreneur

I pay tribute to Black businesses, especially black women in business. I was unsure how I wanted to honor these symbols of entrepreneurship.

Growing up it was common to know the neighborhood yard man, the lady who did hair out of her home, and the shade tree mechanic. These were community staples. We never considered them to be small black businesses. That was Uncle Corn Bread's side hustle (name changed to protect innocent people).

My mother took in laundry. My cousin ran a Juke Joint...this was all run from their homes while raising children and making ends meet.


I salute these neighborhood entrepreneurs because they were small business owners before it was trending. They were the cornerstone of many neighborhoods. They provided quality service, reasonable rates, good conversation, and easy payment plans.

Many of these businesses were lost along with a strong work ethic and great customer service. People have been replaced with profits.


I tip my hat to the small black business owners that operate now. The challenges they face are extreme but they are committed. They rise to the challenges daily. Small Black business owners are my Super Heroes.

It's Char coming at you for August's first blog post! How did August get here? I thought it was April, 30 seconds ago.


The end of summer is approaching and pretty soon we'll be trading bikinis and sunscreen for beanies and boots. I'm excited for it! My birthday is in December so Fall is my happy place. I love Summer but there's something special about Fall and Winter. I'm also excited about this month's post! "Uplift a Fempreneur." Now I do not really like the label Boss Babe but that's a different topic for another time. August is National Black Business Month!


In honor of this month I want to celebrate all the small business women who are rocking their businesses. If you haven't yet, check out my Fempreneur Spotlight Gallery! (Home Page) When there are thousands of online options to choose from skip the big names and shop local. You are supporting someone's dream, and let me tell you that means the world to us. If you are not able to support monetarily there are ways to help that cost nothing. Sharing a post about a friend hosting classes/a seminar, tagging friends who may be interested, sharing Instagram or website information on your social media. I have a small circle of business friends I met on Facebook this past year and without the internet that would not have happened.

We live in various states...TX, CO, AZ but we're able to connect! We have video calls and catch up on business, share ideas, lift each other up. These calls are incredibly beneficial. I feel like Wonder Woman after these calls.


I have met incredible business owners thought this journey and it's only been 7 months! Uplifting someone doesn't require much it just requires you to take action. That's what I ask of you this week. Support a Fempreneur. I guarantee you'll make her day.

Remember... you can always call your sister

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