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Via has the reins for this last post in October! ;-)

There’s one holiday that unites churches, malls, schools, workplaces, adults and children. It is not the holiday you may be thinking of. This particular holiday goes by many names and appears in many forms. It’s been called a Harvest Festival, Trunk or Treat, etc.

It is Halloween! I have a serious issue with this holiday!

It’s totally acceptable for whole families to engage in “haunted” houses, parties, hayrides through corn mazes, ghoulish costumes, and frightening decorations. The workplace is just as unsafe! Workplaces become competitions for who is dressed the scariest, or the creepiest. Scaring each other is more important than work. The media amps up the kids, the kids amp up the adults, adults amp up each other and everyone gets caught up in a frenzy that doesn’t end until January.


Adults cheerfully hand over responsibility for their personal safety and the safety and care of any children. This is the only holiday where it is perfectly OK to take candy from strangers! We encourage this behavior and become willing participants. The kids have gorged their bellies and entertained their fears, now they are expected to SLEEP?! The adults can’t even sleep! Where Is The Logic! Christmas has us sitting on the laps of strange middle-aged men, but that’s a rant for another day!


Kids are told every day about Stranger Danger, they can’t ride their bikes or walk to the park but on Halloween, they can take candy and treats from strangers?! Kids are told not to trust teachers, policemen, and clergy; but let October 31st come around, and all that is thrown out!

I am taking off my mask! The status quo of “going along to get along” is over! Whether you believe in ghosts, witches, faeries, or hobbits; whether you believe in angels, and God; whether you believe in no one…. Halloween is a Big Lie!! It is Time Out for the Okey-Doke! It is time to be unMasked!

The current trend is for people to be “WOKE”, OK the alarm clock is going off! Stop hitting the snooze button! Educate yourselves! Educate your children! Stop believing something just because that is the way it has always been. Is Halloween really harmless?!

Let’s look for our Truth. Let’s embrace the Truth. As sisters, we need to hold each other accountable for the madness we still allow in our own lives. Let’s take responsibility and raise a generation that knows and believes in Truth. Leave me a comment or a heart! How do you feel about Halloween? What are your thoughts?

I hope you enjoyed our last post for October. Remember you can always call your sister!

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