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Okay, let me start by saying “I Am Not A Gardener”. I worked in education, so I participated in the spring ritual of germinating sunflower seeds, bean seeds, etc. I joined in the obligatory planting of flower seeds for Mother’s day gifts, but again I Am Not A Gardener.


Having said that, I decided to give it a try in the hopes it would help with my anxiety. I first bought some herbs; sweet mint, and lemon thyme. The thyme never made it. The sweet mint lasted 4 weeks. I then bought basil, it too succumbed to plant death. 💀⚰️

What had happened was….. Chico the squirrel, yes I named this rodent! This long-tailed tree rat came onto my patio and dug into my plants! At first, it was just a little moving of the dirt…. I didn’t think much of it. Then, this plant terminator uprooted the lemon thyme. I was furious! I went online for solutions. Google is my best friend. I found lots of hacks, hints, and advice. I settled for a reflective surface, I chose an old DVD, placed just so the sun creates a reflection. I also chose to sprinkle coffee grounds over my plants and around the table they sat on.

I was so ecstatic! It worked…. for about a week. The squirrel from Hell stole the DVD, knocked over the whole lemon thyme plant, broke the pot, and dug up the mint and basil. My defeat was complete. I conceded defeat and put my suffering herbs to rest. I have decided to grow only indoor plants. But again, my struggle is real; my Dahlias are suffering, the Rosemary looks good for now, fingers crossed.


This is my real experience with trying to grow herbs. I looked at my “relationship” with this pest and thought about my other ‘pesky’ relationships. We all have them. The coworker who tries too hard; the family member who is hard to love; the significant other that doesn’t get you - yet. My prayer, and hope, is that as Sisters we stop before we throw in the towel on the people God has placed in our paths. There is a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime, that people are brought into our sphere of influence. Let’s try to keep our battles short, our forgiveness ever-present, and our love for each other never-ending.


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