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Poetry Slam Success


Poetry Slam was Saturday! It was so much fun! We talked about the blog, our mission, and what's next! Below is an original poem I read and a video is attached from Peace Johnson another poet. ❤️ Thanks for everyone's support! The participants....

Peace J

AB Agail D

Tunesha D

Cynthia L

All participants were entered in a raffle for a CYS t-shirt and a $25 gift card. Winner was announced on FB.


3rd Person Soliloquy by Char P.

jaded voices all around her

Disbelieving her

Doubting her intent

Questioning her motives and what she believes

What does she stand for?

Why is she here?

The crowd looks to her….until she speaks.

she wants to be known for something greater than herself

she wants to be recognized as not just a beauty

she strives for perfection

not to prove anything

but to push herself further

she wants to glow from within so people will see the light of the love she gives

she wants to to give talent to others that are too scared to show theirs

she wants to be strong

not to be bragadocious but to show weak souls dark days will end

she wants to show compassion

where others are too ignorant

she wants to show beauty

the beauty of intelligence and fearlessness

she wants to smile through her tears

so her adversaries will know they failed.

she wants to give time

as respect for others who have none left

she wants to give charity to show others riches are more powerful than dollars

she wants to give hope

to the children who pray for it nightly

she wants to give breath

to the breathless ones fighting each moment

she wants to give water

to the parched that are never heard

she wants to give chances

to the looked over, berated and beaten down

she wants to give a hand

to those incapicatated by life and grief

she wants to be the voice

for those who have been silenced by hate

she wants to be the eyes

for the blind that wish for sight

she wants to be the tears

so sadness can leave those who have never felt joy

she wants to be the Queen

that people choose to love

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