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Falling...in Love.

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

A Sister Char Post

People give advice on love, but never talk about the path or how that looks. I like to think that this journey begins the same as others. As simple as taking a walk. You are going through life and a moment happens. You meet someone

through happenstance or a friend and in that moment it clicks. You both feel it.

At that moment you decide to take a walk together. The honeymoon phase...your getting to know each other (the weather is perfect). As you continue walking the terrain changes...a few bumps. You started at a peaceful park, but now there are rocks and overcast skies, a few bolts of lightning maybe? The more you walk together the more you learn. The rough terrain evens out, now you're in a lush rainforest.

Some of the forest is dense and you're not able to see but no matter what you don't let go. Now this is the tricky part. By this time your walk with this person is at 4-6 months. The dense forest may be secrets, lies, hurt. The parts of the forest you can see is memories, your happiness. If you're willing to push through; your hand still in his.

The other person might let go, but you're not sure until you get through the forest. I have hopes for you so you made it through sister! Yes. The terrain is a walking trail leading somewhere you're not sure where...at the end of the trail is a cliffs edge. This is the falling part...the head over heels, John-Legend- singing-to-you-at-a-piano, type Sinatra love. You stare at each other. At the last moment when you feel your heart might explode, you jump.

Now, as you're falling, you are not aware that your s/o made the leap. You take the leap of faith hoping the ground will catch you by some miracle. I think the type of love and s/o you're with determines the fall. I've fallen in love and it's felt like landing in a bouncy castle….or concrete….or free falling into an ocean. When you land your lover may be with you….or not. Love is about sharing your life with another.

You don't know the outcome, but the fall...taking that exhilarating leap is worth it. What are your thoughts? Did I nail the walk? What stage of love are you in? Comment below. Share your thoughts! And remember....you can always call your sister. ❤️

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