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But....did you try?

I was going to rant about the blatant upfront inequality of the Summer Olympics. Instead, there is another matter that has captured my attention. The lack of support for women entrepreneurs; among women entrepreneurs.


The Bible speaks of pouring into another man’s vision, then when it is time for your vision, others will pour into your vision. I believe in the Word of God. Period. I am not here to debate that. I believe the Word of God applies to males and females.


The thing is. ..realizing #1 that not everyone will do that; #2 some people have no business pouring into anyone #3 we spend so much time and effort pulling that sister down, there is nothing left to pour.

My vision, to create an online website that empowers, nurtures and supports women. Our website callmysister.com and (email) callyoursisterblog@gmail.com is a vision my daughter and I started in January 2021. We do not plan to get rich but want to enrich the self-love of our sisters. We do not plan to change the world but do plan to change one person’s perspective.

Since our beginning, people have faithfully poured into our vision.

We have been able to showcase small businesswomen; we have planned fun activities; and discussed some touchy subjects all with the intention of growing a sisterhood. Saturday, we hosted our first paid event. The Fascinators Tea Party! The cost was the price of a coffee and a pastry at your favorite coffee place. Invitations were sent. Online posters, shout-outs, etc were posted. There were prizes being offered.

A dessert video was included with the cost. A great deal of anticipation and preparation went into planning our first paid event. The only person that paid had an emergency and couldn’t attend. How can we say we support the idea of Sisterhood without the effort?

I need my sisters. How can I help your vision with networking, increasing your online presence, merchandising, advertising, etc? This vision. My vision. Your vision. Our visions need each other. We need to elevate our thinking when it comes to supporting others. We need to broaden our vision so we can see another woman’s point of view. We need to create a True Sisterhood where every woman’s efforts are recognized, celebrated, and shared.

Our website callmysister.com and email callyoursisterblog@gmail.com are a part of this community to build each other up. I challenge my sisters to find one event hosted by a woman this week and support her. Hit LIKE. Subscribe. Attend a class. Watch a video. Something to show our unique Sisterhood.

REMEMBER You Can Always Call Your Sister!

If you are on social media follow us on Instagram! Instagram.com/call_yoursister


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