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Sister's this is my rant against the celebration of Black History. Read that again, against the celebration, not against Black History. I am a Black woman. I am Black History. The issues I have are several but I will try not to wander too far into left field.

  • February is the shortest month

  • February has the Super Bowl

  • The Golden Globe Awards were moved from January to February this year. (Feb.28)

  • President's Day

  • Valentine's Day

  • Groundhog’s Day

Did I miss anything? Probably. Somewhere in there, we try to remember the history that built this country. The media bombards us with questionable “facts'' about Black History; and movies about Black History. In roughly 400 years of institutional racism, we are still viewing movies where the black characters are on drugs, a pimp, a prostitute, a single struggling mom, an absent father, an incarcerated father, a baby daddy, or a playa. We are much more than what our sons and daughters are being force fed. We invented or improved traffic lights, the baby carriage, the incandescent light bulb, etc. We, as people of color, no matter the “race”, need to stop accepting half-truths and educate ourselves so we can educate others. No one will treat us differently if we continue to follow the “it was good enough for grandma” theory. Don’t be fooled, my sisters….all history is important. Until we can get the story right, let's stop telling it wrong. Are we really okay with teaching these half truths to the next generation? Love you my beautiful sisters! Remember, you can always call your sister.

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